$$$ FAF$A make$ yuua verbally rape yuur parent for their tax information, take trip$ to u$e the interent becau$e yuua happen to live in Bum Fuck Egypt, and the nturn around and need more information. $o then yuua have to crawl back to $aid parent and explain to them that yuua nee dmore of their private tax information.

Okay, my dad i$ from Germany. No Green Card, becau$e he got mugged with a crow bar, $o, he ju$’ might not like thi$ country very much a$ it i$. He work$ in a ga$ $tation doing midnight $hift$ becau$e he ha$ no Green Card, he can legally be “over here” but one fuck-up will get him deported. $o yuua can imagine him a$ being a $eclu$ive kind of man. Tall, $cary, gruff, tax-information-with-holding, and all around… mean duder!

$o back to fucking FAF$A.

I beg and beg for tha millionth time for hi$ tax information, finally get it, and now, they need more than I expected and more than I had origanlly a$ked for. $o when my father hear$ that I need more of hi$ private information and $hit, he’$ going to punch me in tha goddamn face.

Which $uck$, becau$e that’$ pretty much all I have, $ince without FAF$A, I won’t have a college degree.

Lol. $$$